Sara Bartmann, Lesbian Avengers, and SAT

This is not a review or recommendation its an assignment for my Race, Gender, Science in the Atlantic World class.  But, you can still read it and comment! Below are the readings & videos I used. enjoy!

In all most all of the readings race and gender has played a huge part. From finding out African Americans score below average on the SAT to black women bodies being exploited for entertainment in Europe. These two facts come from two different readings and from two different time periods. This just shows the hardships African Americans went through and still have to go through. In most of the readings, we have read about who women are always is either fighting for equality or being mistreated.  For example, in the documentary Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire too, we see women perpetually fighting for the same rights heterosexual people are given easily. In the same thought, I will expand on the treatment of black women bodies in 19th century Europe. In all my years of education, I had never heard of Sara Bartmann who is famously known as The Hottentot Venus. It was not until two semesters ago I learned the significance of Sara Bartmann. Sara Bartmann is such an important part of not only African American history but, African American women history. The history and story of Sara Bartmann are a sad one, she died at the age of only 26. She was Europe’s own freak show. I mention Sara Bartmann because as Gilman reading states, “And indeed Sarah Bartmann sexual parts serve as the central image for the black female throughout the nineteenth century”. This statement alone proves how important Sara Bartmann was to history.

Lastly, these readings I choose share the common idea of how African Americans, black women, and women, in general, are overly sexualized, undereducated, exploited and mistreated. P.L Thomas informs us on how African Americans score below average on the SAT, Gilman informs us on how black women were exploited in 19th century Europe, and Baus & Friedrich show us how lesbian women are mistreated.


lesbain avengers



Lesbian Avengers Video:

The Lingering, Powerful Legacy Of “Scientific Racism” In America

Gilman – 1985 – The Hottentot and the Prostitute Toward an Iconography of Female Sexuality

Download Gilman – 1985 – The Hottentot and the Prostitute Toward an Iconography of Female Sexuality-annotated.pdf