What is my college major?

I Don’t Know?

This is the question I ask my academic advisor everything time I see her. And every time when I think I got it, someone asks me “what’s your major?” and I can’t explain it the way I want or how my academic advisor does. I wish I had a one-word answer for when people ask like “criminal justice” or “psychology” but even though I don’t have the luxury of one-word answers for my major, I do LOVE my major.

The name of my major is Liberal Studies w/ law, business, and society track.  In my own words, A liberal studies major is like an interdisciplinary degree but a tiny bit different. I will also say this degree is for those who do not know exactly what they want to major in or those who do not want to settle for a one-track major. With my degree, I take classes that are fun to me and interesting to ME. I have taken classes on sociology, history, criminal justice, education courses, and etc.

But, in the words of my advisor “its like you are taking a lot of electives, learning a lot of different things, and creating a degree that works for you. you are gaining experience in these classes that will benefit you in the real world.”

WHAT DOES GOOGLE SAY? Liberal studies, also known as liberal arts, comprise a broad exploration of social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and the arts. If you are interested in a wide-ranging education in humanities, communication, and thinking, read on to find out about the educational and career possibilities in liberal studies.

SOURCE: https://learn.org/articles/What_is_Liberal_Studies.html

All in all, this degree is just 1/4 of my education achievements. I also minor in history, getting my certificate in women’s gender studies, and I already have my AA in early childhood education. & I still have no idea what I want to do yet.

sidenote: if you major in this don’t let people tell you your degree/major is not as important or won’t get you a job because it’s not true. also, this is not just another easy major I just think its more enjoyable than most!


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