How to make good grades in college.

Hey, y’all I’m going into my last semester of college & I have a 3.540 GPA. Below is just a few tips I have to achieve a GPA like mine.

Don’t procrastinate.

This is my NUMBER ONE RULE. when it comes to my assignments I try to do them a week before they are due because honestly I’m lazy and I will rather be watching a movie or doing something relaxing.

Also, when you wait until the last minute to do assignments most of the time they come out trash.

Don’t be afraid to email your professor.

Please don’t be afraid to email your professor. If I don’t understand something or if I feel like my grade doesn’t match what I thought it was gone be I email my professor. I honestly do not care how many times I email them because for one, I’m PAYING thousands of dollars for this degree.

Take classes that you find interesting.

I know this may be hard during your first two years because you have to take the general courses that everyone has to take. But, after Find course that interests you because it makes it easier to enjoy and wanna do the class assignments.


I know every blog post, YouTube video, professor or literally everyone will tell you to study. But, honestly, I hate studying I can never pay attention long enough too because I’m addicted to social media… which is so bad. So, to help me study I’ll time my self. For example, I’ll time myself to study for 30 minutes and then I’ll give myself 15 minutes to be on social media or do anything else that’s taking my attention from studying.

Take notes.

I still take notes the old fashioned way which Is writing my notes in my notebook even though I have a MacBook. I’m one of those people that have to write down anything to remember it.

Also when taking notes I’m not one of those students who WRITE EVERYTHING that the professor says or have on a PowerPoint slide. I usually write keywords from the PowerPoint slides that will help me remember what I need to study.

You can take notes any way you want just take them if you want good grades!

WhatsApp group chats.

Trust me these group chats come in clutch even though they can be annoying with the plethora of notifications. But, during the first week of the class try to find the WhatsApp chat for that class. If there isn’t one MAKE ONE. trust me.


These are the few tips that help me make good grades in college. These tips have helped me make the dean list all my semesters of college except one.



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  1. These are some great tips. Especially taking classes you have interest in!! Psychology classes bored me to death and almost messed up my GPA from not wanting to go! But very good blog:)

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