5 Tips On How To Choose The Right College Courses

Hey, here are 5 tips to help you when choosing college courses that are right for you.

Read ‘rate my professor’ reviews.

This was something I discovered late in my college career and wish I would’ve started earlier. This is such a huge helper when deciding what classes to take and what professors to take them with.

*Nobody is going to take time out of their day to write a negative review about a professor unless the professor was really as bad as they say.

Take into consideration: (what time the class start, how far it is from your dorm or commute, etc)

Don’t set yourself up with 8 am classes if you are not a morning person because the professors will never see you.

*My favorite time slot for classes is 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

*Sometimes night courses are good if you don’t have a morning class the next day.

Also, this one is not as important but to me it is. I try to choose classes that may be in the same building or not that far from my dorm. Universities are huge so if you have one class on one side of the university and one on the other it can be tiring walking to both every day.

Read the course syllabus.

Reading the syllabus will tell you all you need to know about the course you are about to take. For example, if you work and know you won’t be able to do all the assignments on time. DON’T take a course where the professor does not allow extra credit or makeup work.

Another example, some professor take their jobs WAY to serious and will set up assignments like their class is the only class you’re going to be taking that semester. TRUST ME. RUN TO ANOTHER CLASS FAST.

*professors are there to help and teach you and not stress you out! There are many professors that want to see you do great and will let you know by the way they teach their classes. (Find those professors)

Know what you can handle.

Don’t try to take overwhelming credit hours like 16-18 a semester. 12 credits will do you just fine and better for your mental health.

Talk to your advisor.

When you talk to your advisor try to get all the classes you will need to take to finish your degree on a list. This will help with signing up for classes on your own because when classes start advisors will barely have time to see you.