my college dorm tour (FIU)

So, I just moved into my dorm at Florida International University this Saturday. Heres A tour of it.

This is my last semester so I decided to keep things simple. For all of those who are planning to attend Florida International University, the name of this dorm is PARKVIEW WEST.

Parkview Hall is a community featuring fully furnished 4-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments.

Before: IMG_3158


No, I’m not pregnant but I love that pillow.

Everything on the bed is from Walmart.


Got the pillow from Walmart.

Makeup stand from TJ Maxx.

Gold desk pen holder: Walmart

Circle mirror light: from Ulta (but I wouldn’t recommend it lights not bright enough).

Tv, microwave, mirror, & ps4 all from Walmart.

When I open my door:



Living room/common area:


If you have any questions about college or where I got anything you can email me or comment down below! email:

10 thoughts on “my college dorm tour (FIU)

  1. Very cute! Especially the little microwave and that pregnancy pillow. I’ve got to stop by Walmart soon. Hope you have a great semester too 🙂

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  2. I really like the makeup stand! I have trouble finding room for all of my makeup because I have too much of it.
    Also that pillow looks amazing, comfy pillows are a must have.

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