Self-Care College Tips

Everyone knows that college/university can be very hard and a strain on your mental health. Sometimes you’re extremely overwhelmed with all the assignments you have. College is definitely a great experience but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves in the process. Below is five ways that I’ve practiced self-care in college, maybe these will help you too! Enjoy!

Watch Movies/Tv Shows 


So, one of the first things I do to practice self-care is I watch movies and tv shows. But, not any movies/Tv shows. I watch movies/tv-shows that make me feel good or laugh.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Me Before you: I can literally watch this movie every day.
  • Twilight: I love all of the Twilight movies.
  • Life: This is my all-time favorite movie and movie that makes me laugh the most.
  • The office: This is my go-to tv show for literally anything and it always makes me feel better.




I know this sounds simple and it is but, sometimes I would literally wait until late to eat my first meal. Try to eat breakfast. Also, sometimes you just have to splurge on food and eat whatever you want. Food will surely you happy, and we all wanna be happy right?



Not only organize your assignments but, your life, room, anything that may cause you stress. Try to make plans for future assignments. Get one of those big calendars or planners and write out your week, or month. I know seeing what I have to do instead of trying to remember helps me stay sane. Also, organizing your room is such a major help. I know having a clean room helps me think more clearly.

Take Breaks


It is okay to take breaks. It’s okay to only study for one to two hours. You have to give your brain a break. We can only retain so much.

Get Enough Sleep!


I get at least 10 hours of sleep a night and I graduated with all A’s and a 3.7 GPA. Please do not believe the hype that you have to sleep less to be successful. Rest is very important for your mental health.

Treat Yourself.


Even if you’re a broke college student trust me there are ways to treat yourself. Every day there is some event or something going on, on campus that you can go get food and free stuff from. The majority of the things I have from my university are things I got for free.

But if you’re not completely broke go buy something that’ll make you happy. It can literally be anything.

Get out of the house/ Dorm.


Lastly, even if it’s just to the grocery store. Get up, get dress, and get some air. Honestly, getting out and seeing other people make you realize that it’s more than just assignments.







Good Luck with your college career and email me if you have any questions!

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